Neptune Blue

I met a boy
an inevitable man
that will stand before me
and one day shake my hand and say,
"Hello, my name is Noah...."
this I know to be true
because truth
is born and lives in the eyes
and his sing to me
sweet melodies of purity
messages of hope
intertwined in a song
called  Neptune Blue
speechless words swell
in the azure orbs
of this bright young soldier
and laughter is his weapon of choice
his voice to help teach those
he touches
he laughs with a surprising prank
as you become the joke
of underestimation  
he has yet to walk, or skip, or dance,
or dive
but this special lad can fly
in ways we cannot dare
as he has no cares for the silly things
that surround us
in our beginning world
for he is a leader
of all the bodies
of water around him
unable to drown
a conductor of the current moment
and the theme to a dolphin symphony
known as Neptune Blue


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