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Schizencephaly Awareness Ribbon Key chains Crocheted only $6.00

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I love someone with Schizencephaly shirts ready for ordering

Please specify size and if you would like your child's ( loved ones name above the heart).



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Noahs brittle bone and healing.

Since Noah's surgery things have been on highs and lows.
His healing seemed to go quickly although after a few weeks I wanted to pull my hair out and regretted it I am very glad We went through with it now.
However We are not out of the woods yet. As with all special needs mom's I always see a new obstacle in the horizon.
Noah still is challenged by brittle bones. Recently rushed to the E.R for possible hairline fractures in the lower ribs from his scoliosis vest.
We have yet to find any fractures but he remains fussy and cringing in pain.
We can only pray This is going to pass and there is nothing too serious going on for him
On a great note. His communication is doing amazing. Every day he teaches me new words he is working on. And continues to smile No matter What he goes through.
He is the complete definition of a warrior.!