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The story of Phillip Mims. and schizencephaly

THE STORY OF PHILLIP MIMS I was born breech in the early 1970's. This was a time before CT scans and MRI's. Because of being breech I lacked oxygen at birth, and I was diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy. My left side was more affected than the right which means that my right side of my brain has more damage I was never told or treated like anything was wrong with me. My mother believed in tough love and told me if I don’t learn to be independent I might not have anyone to rely on one day. I was told God healed me, a little blind faith. I don’t remember too much but I know my Mother made me walk she held me up until I could hold myself up. There were a lot of falls and cuts broken fingers but, even when I fell and hurt myself I was forced to continue until I did it better. Usually she chanted prayers and yelled at me like a drill Sargent to encourage me to push on forward. We went to a lot of Evangelist tent meetings and got prayed for. I was usually the one the showed people t…