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My Beautiful Brain 2017 convention


PTSD/Anxiety and special needs

Certainly we love sharing stories, pictures and updates about our day to day and our children in therapy... all the things that we're supposed to do and share when you're on social media. Building connections.

But the truth is is that some of us do have high levels of anxiety PTSD stress and social anxiety over the simplest things that can be triggered by just about anything. A conversation can take a drastic turn,  social media is a great place to keyboard scream then block,  walk away and feel a little better about yourself.  Most special needs drama I see occur are from people that don't necessarily like to be upset or angry... Rather just may seem a little more fragile than another parent.
 Even a simple outing can be triggering depending on the day before or the morning.  Hell you may even just get a trigger first thing when you wake up in the morning that sets up the environment for the rest of everyone else's moods.  And our energy's do connect so if you…