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Life with Special needs

I remember the day I found out I was going to have a child with special needs. I sat there after getting the news staring at the book "what to expect when you are expecting", I remember thinking that I hated that book now.  Parenting is hard enough but hearing the news you are going to be faced with even more challenges and issues makes it even more stressful. There is no timeline of events. When they will smile, laugh, crawl and talk. Those things become a reminder in the second book what to expect the first 12 months and you learn to hate that book as well.  The first few months I would go back and read in them and get discouraged knowing my child was not on track. He was not even smiling by 4 months. The dreams and aspirations I had became nothing but stress and worries compiled into a book that never existed for families like mine.  Suddenly friends and family begin to change. They do not quite understand what you deal with and you get annoyed over stupid comments or t…

Schizencephaly awareness banner flying high in NYC

As you know the Famous Liana's Ransom is taking our banner in hopes to share awareness around the world. Today he docked in NYC where our Banner is flying high.
 What a great way to kick off Schizencephaly Awareness day tomorrow May 19th.
 Don't forget to wear Purple and green and tell people why.
 and share the word!

Noah is turning 13

Celebrating Noah's 13 birthday and the fact he has lived well beyond his initial diagnosis. God is so good