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It's the moment I have waited for for a very long time Tears of joy!

My little warrior is communicating!!
 I just cried so hard.

Noah's story..A journey with Schizencephaly

This is the story of my son Noah. When he was born my mother called him her angel with a broken wing.  Since then hundreds of families have embraced this name to all our children with Schizencephaly
November 7, 2000, and I was now five months pregnant with my second child, and although this child had not been planned, I was just as excited as the first time.  I was no pro to pregnancy, but I knew something was different and being American Indian My mother always told me to go with my intuition and this time I just knew something was so different from the previous pregnancy,. This feeling had been there the first 5 months, but it had burst as a strong fear by now..  My doctor insisted I was working myself up (a term I since grown to hate) but in my heart, and even as a child, I had prepared myself for something big, but I had no idea until this day and at this month  I went against my doctor’s orders after repeatedly telling him I could feel this child tensing up inside me. My belly would …