Broken Femur

Noah has always been a strong little boy, so of course seeing him with a pained look today made me call his dr right away to question if this was due to his dislocated hip. His Dr insisted it should wait and I should give him Motrin
 Around 9:30 pm I looked at his knee and noticed it was bulging out. I immediately called 911.
 5 hours later we have found due to his brittle bones his femur has literally caved inward and in most cases like these they would require rodding but due to Noah's small bones and brittle bones we are unsure what is going to happen at this point.
 He is in a lot of pain and is resting at home now with Morphine awaiting his dr appointment in the morning.
 I have shed many tears throughout this year. This year has been filled with many ups and downs. His personality has become a driving force in the house and his communication has begun to amaze me. But these hardships have become such a hard thing to sleep through at night.
 I worry about his life. I know He is as healthy as can be but since last June 2012 we have had 6 surgeries and 11 hospital trips for serious issues.
 He is a hero to me. I cannot believe the amount of love he holds and the strength he has to smile at me when he is hurting. It's as though he is comforting me.
 I think the next few years are going to spent with a lot of hugs and good memories. There has to be some light coming through soon.
At least I still have hope the sun is just about to burst through these bad days, Until then we just breathe.


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