One day while God was thinking,
He came up with a plan.
I told him "i'm not sure I could",
but He said " Yes you can!"

He asked I give you life,
ANd teach you all I knew.
I told him that I was not fit
To be a mom to you.

I finally put my trust in Him,
And He belived in me.
I only asked one question
Why wasI  chosen to be? 

He said it wont be easy
And life wont be the same
Joyfully, He said to me
"Noah is his name"

I agreed to almost all of this,
And gave him my okay.
that day I lost my selfishness 
To be with Him one day

I was told of many days I'd cry
And there was nothing He could do.
He told me never ask him why,
As He handed me you

He placed you in my arm
And put His hand on me,
He said " you have been Chosen,
"your son will never see "

"He will not play or jump around
Like other children do,
An angel that is Heaven bound,
This gift I give to you"

At first I spent my days afraid
Deprived of any sleep,
But I made a promise to you now
a Promise I will keep

When I see you smile,
I remember wishing for love
And the faith and trust given to me
That day from up above

I will try to be as strong
To give you strength you need
I know that when I carry you
God must carry me


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