Since I found out about Noah's condition I have been relentless about understanding. I feel the need to let everyone know how frustrating it is to not understand what causes this and I never stopped fighting for him. along the way I found a whole new side of the story. where My son cannot walk or talk and I have been told for 11 yrs he would never live one day I stumbled across other parents and kids that fight much harder battles with this disorder. Many moms and dads that have lost their little ones and have no choice but to just accept that there is still no research.
Noah spoke to me for years before he was born and I always heard that voice telling me I would be challenged never expecting the challenge to be having a litle boy that is so important to me and yet no one but a few thousand even know the name.

I believe Noah's cause is to keep me on this path and let him control this all. He has brought me to wonderful parents that can relate and I can complain to. He has truly shown me a heartfelt smile , and the laughter he lets out is the most amazing thing I will ever hear or witness on earth.
We need research. If nothing has changed in the last 11 yrs then I will just keep fighting, we pass out flyers at stores. we put ads on any public place we can because it is the only way people will ever see it and hear about it.

Noah's 501c will be investigating many companies and places like schools and doctors. for anyone that has a complaint about treatment or is not accommodating to parents like us. For every lead we get one of our parents will go to that location and write a story for our magazine Disability detectives. this will be the 501c part that will get us the grants needed for research. every three months a magazine will include stories about real issues and places to go to and that just are not great for families on vacations or everyday life..its a call out to drs that care and those to stay away from. We can let families know which stores really ar stepping up to help and those that us parents cannot stand for whatever experience. I hope this will help us not only help families and companies know we are a significant amount of people that cannot get places and sometimes put shopping or errands off for days due to the stress of the lifting and pushing the wheelchair and someone helping with carts..


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