Noahscart 2014 awareness campaign

Families if you are interested in taking part of this worldwide campaign please add me and I will get you into the group and help you get involved. This will require a lot of work but we know it will be a huge success.

Schizencephaly Families we're going to attempt a monumental feat. And we need every family in every state to help with this coming years awareness day. We want to include every family possible this year without them having to travel out of state. For next years Schiz awareness day we're going to going worldwide!!! We want to include any family that wants to participate... yes even those NOT in the USA!! Here is the 'general' idea. Every family that wants to participate should be on the schiz awareness map. Email Lori Barrett or send her a message on FB to get added. If you're already on the map make sure you let us know you want to participate. The 'plan' ... two flags, one goal, raise awareness!! Two flags will start in Florida. They will be carried by, get this, as many motorcyclists as we can muster to the next 'stop' where it will be passed to the next riders. This will go from family to family until they reach their final destinations. The idea is to have the flags come to your town by motorcycle where you can possibly plan some type of parade or something special as the flag visits YOUR family!!! We need to start early since we will have to be contacting motorcyclists and figuring a route and an official start date for the flags' journeys.


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